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Chi Omega and BYX

"Ain't no smoggy smoke on rocky top with Chi Omega and Beta Upsilon Chi leading the way. Today you get the pleasure of taking a peek inside the Homecoming 101 classroom where Professor Smokey is teaching all about  why it's great to be a Tennessee Volunteer. So listen up, take notes, raise your hands in the Ayres, and get ready to see why Tennessee is home sweet home to all."



While the vols are ready at kickoff, the eagle are doing their write offs. AGR and ZTA have always known class, so let's go whoop that Southern Miss…



KKG and DKE are learning all about UT in the hallways of Saved by the Rocky Top. We'll learn all about "What's going on here?" while Southern Miss tries to figure out how to get The Pride of the Southland to stop.


Kappa Sig and ADPi

“The men of Kappa Sigma and the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi teamed up for this year’s Homecoming. They want you to know Smokey can perform on the field and off. Here he is in the classroom teaching these UT students how to survive college and be a vol for life!”


DG and PKA

“This year Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Gamma decided to give back to the Knoxville community with their efforts on the float. The stadium is built out of books that are being donated to local classrooms and the flowers that create the checkerboard are being donated to local nursing homes. Both organizations are proud to be celebrating 101 years of homecoming by being Volunteers on Rocky Top.”


Phi Mu and DTD

With Smokey as the greatest professor on Rocky Top, the ladies of Phi Mu and fellas of DTD present to you a float that is the cream of the crop! Teaching us that UT traditions never fade, Smokey would give us that first place grade! DTD and Phi Mu are proud to celebrate homecoming together this year, so come on everyone let’s hear you cheer!


DZ and SNU

"Now introducing Sigma Nu and Delta Zeta's magical school of Tennessee traditions."  


KA and AXO

Smokey is his name

And teaching is his game

Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Order welcome you to Rocky Top 101

A class where football teams learn to BE the best, FROM the best.

Today, the Southern Miss Golden Eagle is hoping to learn a big orange lesson from Smokey on how to win a homecoming game.

Keep on studying Golden eagle, because no matter how hard you try,

You’re going to get schooled!


KD and Phi Sig

our float has arrived,

and class has begun

KD & Phi Sig present:

Homecoming 101


we have homework for you to do

each statement I read will give you a clue

find it on our float, and you’ll float too


a sea of orange and white,

a dog running around,

the city you live in, the stairwell a mile off the ground

the death of this app

gave birth to another

it makes homework appear

like a fairy godmother

grab a cup of this on your way to class

read a chapter of this to make sure you pass


KD & Phi Sig wish everyone the best

pomping has finally paid off

and we can finally rest

now let’s all go head to the southern miss kick off !!!!



ATO and AOPi paint the rock to teach you a thing or two about life on Rocky Top. Ayers Hall, 865, and Vols help Vols: learn a little about our community here in Big Orange County. Smokey will put his Volunteer knowledge to the test at Neyland Stadium, so join him there, and prove we’re the best.


Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa & Beta Theta Pi presents ‘How to Rocky Top’ | On the sides, “Tennessee” rings loud and clear, along with the scores from the past match ups against, Southern Miss. Right now, UT has a 5-game win streak, dating back to 1950. Can we make it to 6? On the top, Smokey is holding the Golden Eagle while painting on the Rock, “Go VOLS!”


Pi Beta Phi

"In a college full of Vols, insane professors and a football coach under fire, Pi Phi (that's us!), try to do the impossible: create a guide that will help YOU survive homecoming! Our 3 tips to homecoming success are:

1. get ready for late nights and early mornings

2. pomping is the biggest social event of the week

3. chicken wire is used for more than just chickens"


Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Tri Delta

"Here comes Tri Delt and SAE studying hard for their Homecoming 101 exam"


Gamma Sigma Sigma and Farmhouse

Now we have Gamma Sigma Sigma and Farmhouse, and they're here to teach those Eagles a lesson!"

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