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Following is some general information to keep in mind if you are planning to ride a KAT bus or football shuttle to a UT home football game.

If you are riding a regular KAT route to/from the game:


1. The trolleys do not operate on game days. If you see a trolley on the road, it’s probably running one of our football shuttles.


2. After the game, Routes 10, 11 and 17 are detoured away from Cumberland for at least an hour. Ifyou’ve ridden one of these buses to the game, we suggest you relax and enjoy a post-game snackon The Strip before catching the bus home. You can always call 865-637-3000 to find out whether buses have returned to regular routing.


3. Unexpected road closures could happen at any time! While the road closures and detours are out of KAT’s control, our Road Supervisors will do their best to get to affected stops, but sometimes they

can’t reach them either. If you’re concerned about where your bus is, call 865-637-3000; they can tell you whether your bus is on detour. We’ll do our best to get you where you need to be!

f you are riding a KAT Football Shuttle to/from the game:


1. Your wristband is your shuttle ticket, so make sure you keep it on for the return trip!


2. Be sure you have your game tickets in hand before boarding!


3. Return shuttles begin leaving the stadium area at the start of the 4th quarter and continue for 60 minutes after the game ends. Be sure to note what time the game ends so you don’t miss your

return shuttle!


4. The fare ($6 for Old City, Market Square and Civic Coliseum shuttles, $16 for Farragut Shuttle) is round trip, per person, and applies to anyone using the shuttle service, regardless of age.


5. Please note where you are dropped off--that is where you will pick up the return shuttle after the game, except for the Farragut shuttle, which will load on Volunteer Boulevard in front of G-1 and G-2 parking garages near McClung Towers.If you have ANY questions about a regular KAT route or the football shuttles on game day, contact a Transit Agent at 865-637-3000. Because game-day road closures and detours or delays can happen on a moment’s notice, the information is not posted on our website, but our


Transit Agents will always have the most up-to-date information and will work to help you get where you need to go

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