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Two Week Look Ahead

January 21, 2016



During the past week the  4" fire service line to Panera has been installed, the sewer in the alley between North 19th and North 13th has been installed to manhole 33A at the corner NW corner of Copper Cellar's property, KUB Primary electrical duct bank in North 18th has begun - Rock excavation and weather has slowed progress this week - and North side storm drainage has been installed to structure in front of Shell station


Over the next two weeks expect to see:


  • Continue sewer construction in alley between North 19th and North 18th (behind Copper Cellar), two weeks left in duration. Weather delays could extend that duration.

  • Install long side irrigation service at Taco Bell as well as water line G across Cumberland at South 19th

  • Continue installation of primary electrical duct bank in North 13th

  • Continue Phase 2 storm drainage on the north side of Cumberland Ave.

  • Install 30" storm drainage piping in the alley between 13th and 19th

  • Begin installation of south side temporary lighting the week of 1/25/16, work scheduled for this week was delayed by weather

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