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Two Week Look Ahead

January 7, 2016

Over the past week, a sewer bypass is now in place for sewer replacement and rehab in the alley between North 19th and North 18th (behind Copper Cellar), water and gas has been in stalled through the 19th Street intersection, new water services have been installed to Panera Bread and Uptown Grill, the KUB primary electrical duct bank across Cumberland is complete (except for pavement patching), storm sewer drainage installed at North 21st Street and the KUB primary electrical duct bank is across 18th street.




As you travel on Cumberland, please be patient with traffic delays as our construction crews work to keep our project moving forward at the 19th Street and 18th Street locations.  

Over the next two weeks expect to see:



  • Sewer construction continues in alley between North 19th and North 18th (behind Copper Cellar) - four week duration

  • A water line installation in South 19th Street

  • Continuation of Phase 2 Storm Drainage installation moving eastward toward 17th Street

  • Continuation of the installation of primary electrical duct bank in South 18th in order to give KUB the ability to facilitate north side overhead electrical removals for Phase 2.

  • The beginning of the installation of south side temporary lighting (1/18/16).

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